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Homebrewers of the World 


Homebrewers in Ukraine

We thank homebrewers who have reached out and asked how they can donate.


Some do not have money, so they donate their valuable time and knowledge to the village of compassionate brewers who #makebeernotwar .


We thank Timothy of Michigan for adjusting the #Pravda recipes for home brewers so they can take part and for #Ukraine Refugee Relief Agencies. Donations, whether 1 Euro or $ Dollars all add up to a lot for a displaced family now living in Poland.  

We thank Jimmy from Sweden who has agreed to help us develop this website and reach out to international home brew guilds who can collaborate themselves on Zoom Calls and develop bottle shares of the finished batches of ales. 

Are invited to sign up as members, so we can provide you a newsletter with updates from the Ukraine and creative ways, whether its knitting a koozie or baking cookies every  effort is as important as ours. 

Below are the Pravda Beer Recipes adjusted to smaller batches.

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