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A fundraiser for Ukraine refugees is brewing up donations throughout the #apha quadrant

Hello International Brewers,

For the past week, war has been upon us in Ukraine. Here in Lviv, Pravda Brewery has started making Molotov cocktails, instead of our award winning beers, to show strength in our nation, and resistance towards Russia.

We want you join the fight, and help us win this ugly war.

Pravda is opening up our recipes to all brewers worldwide, and inviting you to brew them. Our famous labels and other visuals are available for use, as well.

To take part, follow this link:

Please report in your projects to so we can list them on our world collaboration map.

Additionally, on March 8th, at 11am Ukrainian time (GMT +2), Pravda will be live streaming brewing sessions for several special batches called Victory Series. We invite you to join us.

As Lviv prepares for war, brewing is seen as an act of hope. It will take several weeks for the beer to be ready, but we hope that when it’s finished, we will be drinking this beer in a country that has won the war.

Please share among brewers and breweries!

Proceeds will go to a relief fund in Ukraine.

We will win this war.

Cory McGuinness is kindly simplifying and adapting the recipes.

Victory Brew For Ukraine

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