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Brews are being Scheduled Throughout the World

Having built up a large military presence on the border of Ukraine from late 2021, Russia launched a large-scale invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022.

On February 26th, 2022 Pravda Beer Theatre announced that volunteers began hand bottling Molotov Cocktails and their brewery would no longer brew beer. Yuri and his staff posted a request for donations for refugees affected by the war.

The Federation of Beer agreed to coordinate brewing collaborations immediately. A donation to the Red Cross is appreciated.

Lake Front Brewery in Milwaukee represented Pravda Beer Theatre and brewed collaborations with Pravda for several years. Federation of Beer imported Pravda Beer Theatre brews into Canada prior to the Pandemic. Lake Front Brewery has offered a re-design for their "MILWAUKEE - LVIV" label. We envision several brews labeled "OREGON LVIV" in support of Ukraine craft brewers, etcetera .

On Monday afternoon, February 28th, the Federation of Beer began to reach out to Suppliers, Craft Brewers and took flight.

Each project will only distribute within its local jurisdiction to ensure that craft brewers from each province, state, country and territory are afforded a local opportunity to take part. As soon as a brewery in a state offered tank space this week, others from the local Independent Craft Brewing Guilds reached out and are providing a helping hand. Suppliers have taken up the call, by offering cans, bottles, labels, and ingredients so that 100% of the revenues from this project are donated to the Red Cross as well as other NGOs and agencies.

Brew For Ukraine's website was developed to help coordinate recipe translations, launch strategies, vet international aid agencies and design common labels for the projects. Each common label has back panel space for a unique QR for each project, a local story behind the collaboration, etcetera.

We are just entering day 3 of the awareness campaign - we ask you to share this story with family and friends. If you hear of a local project similar to htpps:// as the organizers to contact us. Upon request - we will put a link to similar projects within the Collaboration page.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

If you can lend a hand in any way in your region - that is awesome!

Since Monday - brewers across the country and as far away as Brazil are reaching out to their friends.

A friend from California summarized the Mission succinctly on Tuesday morning:

We hope that each state and country will have hundreds of brewers collaborate and on brew day-  in an outdoor setting - provide a video yelling in unison  "We support Ukraine - F!!K U Putin" :) 

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