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International Beer Collaboration Project UKRAINE RELIEF

This weekend, Yuri of Pravda Beer Theatre reached out to the international community to increase awareness of Ukraine’s history and to generate much needed donations for food and shelter for families displaced by the conflict.

I worked with Yuri and his team in 2019 and imported Pravda Brews into Alberta.

Federation of Beer has agreed to help coordinate this project internationally.

The intention is to identify a partner or partner breweries within in each State, Province or Country to distribute 3 ales before summer. Each team in each jurisdiction will send proceeds in a coordinated effort.

Within 2 hours - recipes were shared and a call out to the industry has gained tremendous support.

A suggestion is brewers donate time and resources as a team.

UPC’s for this project are:


4 x 473 ml Cans / UPC - 769173930803

650 ml Bombers: / UPC - 769173930827


4 x 473 ml Cans / UPC - 769173930834

650 ml Bombers: / UPC - 769173930810


4 x 473 ml Cans / UPC - 769173930858

650 ml Bombers: / UPC - 769173930841

If your brewery plans to package in 355 ml format we can provide additional UPCs

If you have any suggestions – we are all BEERs

Stronger Together

Vern Raincock

First Officer

+1 619-995-7670 c

+1 587-503-5555 t


Federation of Beer Ltd.

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Airdrie, Alberta, Canada

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Vern Raincock, First Officer

tel - +1 587-503-5555

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