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International Pravda Beer Collaboration March 15

Dear International Brewers!

We thank you for joining in last Tuesday to our first "Victory Brew 1" here in Lviv, west Ukraine.

Amazing support in action! Australia, Belgium, Germany, Reunion (love it!), US, Canada, Australia!

The war is getting closer.

My business partners' house near Kyiv is destroyed by the Russian missile. My running buddy is wounded - lightly, thank God.

My friend, a beer sommelier and craft pub owner barely escaped Kharkiv under heavy shelling. It's getting closer to all of us even in relative safety of west Ukraine.

At Pravda Brewery, we will have a "Victory Brew 2" this coming Tuesday, 15 March. We will be online for 3 hours between 5 and 8pm Ukrainian time (3 and 6 GMT). We should finish everything before the strict curfew at 10pm.

Zoom and other links will follow, as well as the beer style. See you Tuesday March 15 at 5pm Ukrainian time (3pm GMT)!

YouTube Link

This early morning we hid in a cellar as Russian planes bombarded the International Peacekeeping Center 30km from Lviv. 35 innocent people killed, 135 wounded. Its 20km from the EU border.

Today we sent 1000usd of your donations to help the wounded.

We will have more bad news, as Russia has no human face and morals. But I see the rise of the new nation that's already reshaping the geopolitics of the world towards more justice. We will come out wounded but undefeated.

During this online translation, we welcome you joining for 10 minutes, or more saying a few words, asking questions on our brewing and our situation, donating and just having fun. Yes, we do it in difficult times but brewing means hope. We hope that we will drink this beer in a country that has won the war.

Even if it takes more time - we will.

Still thinking about beer style. If the yeast from the previous batch is ok and we can pitch it - it’s perfect. The fallback is brewing a non-alcoholic IPA. Will use Ukrainian malt for this batch.

Other Ukrainian brewers will be joining us

with their stories.

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