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Lakefront Brewery begins selling Crowlers on Friday March 4

Lakefront Brewery executives were inspired to do something after seeing Ukraine breweries had stopped selling beer, and instead were making homemade Molotov cocktail bombs to help keep away the Russian troops.

Pravada Beer Theater Brewery in Lviv, Ukraine is gaining popularity after videos of its homemade bombs went viral. It even caught the eye of Andy Jungwirth of Lakefront Brewery.

In less than 48 hours, collaboration with Yuri and his team from Pravda Beer Theatre was announced.

Lakefront Brewery and Brew for Ukraine Relief Project are working with the Pravda team to brew up as much support as possibly for Ukraine Crisis Relief agencies, including the Red Cross and local LVIV relief agencies who are on the ground providing medical aid, food and shelter.

Links to vetted relief agencies are located here - Links to Vetted Non-profits Assisting Ukraine's Families - page on the website

Beginning Monday February 28th, - hundreds of breweries and Brewery & Distilling schools are coordinating projects in North America and Europe through this initiative.

If you would like to hook up to a project in your area - email

Lakefront Brewery to sell beer with 'Putin is a D***' label (

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