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Report in for duty to collaboratively and help relief agencies in Ukraine.


Pravda Beer Theatre requests that you report in for duty to collaboratively and help relief agencies in Ukraine

Week 1 Timeline February 26 until March 5th

March 26th, 2022

In an announcement Sunday morning on its Instagram page, Pravda Beer Theatre declared it would be opening its recipes, and graphic art, to any international brewer who wishes to take part in the effort. And it's urging anyone - anywhere - to share the announcement with their favorite brewers, big and small.

BrewForUkraine.Beer is a refugee relief fundraiser that began during a WhatsApp call between Vern Raincock, First Officer of Federation of Beer and Yuri Zastavny, Founder of Pravda Beer Theatre on February 26th.

By Monday February 28th a website was set up and a call to action began.

Federation of Beer of #alBEERta and Lake Front Brewery in Milwaukee have worked directly with Yuri and his team in the past. On Monday Russ Klisch, President of Lakefront and Vern spoke and the first collaboration was in motion. Lake Front Brewery in Milwaukee was the first brewery on March 3rd to announce its Crowler release of “Putin is a D...”

On Tuesday, Russ and his creative team sent the "Putin is a D…" label files to Brew For Ukraine, and since then, brewers from coast to coast have reached out to us to begin their local fundraising campaigns.

Vern Raincock was asked on Sunday March 6th for the donation target by George from Beer-Pedia . Given that many brewers expect to generate between $10,000 and $50,000 from tap room and retail sales, “A conservative estimate – if only 5% or 550 of the brewers in North America take part – may be a combined donation of Millions of IBUs and $ within 2 months (given there are 11200 brewers - 1200 in Canada, 1000 in Mexico 9000 breweries in USA)

The project inspired by Pravda Beer Theatre’s viral videos has since sparked projects from coast to coast in world wide.

On any given day brewing guilds are banding together in support of Ukraine and generate donations to vetted charities. As soon as participating brewers email the link for their fundraising webpage, these projects will be added to the project map on the website.

During the call with George from Beer-Pedia we learned that there are 68 breweries in Greece, most of which are brew pubs. Vern asked George to reach out to the craft brewers not only in Greece but throughout Europe recognizing that Beer-Pedia has many craft brewing followers and is one of the world’s longest running beer industry media sites that started at the beginning of the internet in 1992.

Vern added, “I thank Viacom-CBS in Europe for providing our fundraiser links to reputable refugee relief agencies. We have shared these links on our website: . I received a note from a friend today from the hospitality industry who is not able to donate money at this time as she lost her job due to the pandemic. She however reached out to her local brewers guild to ask what she can do to help as a volunteer.

Each fundraiser is unique, and is decided between the host brewery and within minutes.

On Saturday March 5th, Craig Swendson of Torchlight Brewing in Nelson British Columbia had revised the Lakefront Label and will release his Brew for Ukraine project shortly. This week, Marcin Małecki from Maryensztadt Craft Brewery of Zwoleń Poland will discuss his team’s plans for their fundraiser with us.

In New York – Celeste Beatty Founder of Harlem Brewing and William Lenczuk Co-Founder of Shrew Fox Brewery are coordinating a project at William’s brewery. William is from the Ukraine and uses Ukraine hops in all of his recipes. Unfortunately the exporter he works with operates from Kiev, and is unable to ship more hops at this time. However, William will provide a blog next week that provides a brewing guide uses Ukraine hops in recipes and will discuss the annual UK-toberfest his farm brewery Catskill/Delaware River region of New York.

Last but not least, we would like to arrange 1 international Zoom Brew day with Pravda Beer Theatre’s Brew Crew later in March or April and share the experience on YouTube and Facebook.

These are only a short sample of the many hours of discussions we’ve had with passionate brewers in week one.

Media Contact:

Vern Raincock

First Officer,

International Project Coordination

alBEERta, Khaaanada

(1) BrewforUkraine Relief (@Brew4Ukraine) / Twitter

(12) Brew for Ukraine Fundraiser | Facebook

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