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Reporting to Duty

10 days ago - Brian Hickling from Communitech reached out to me and proposed that a pop up aid agency be started. A shout out by Brian received a a response from a talent pool that is second to none. The refugee relief fundraiser now has access to teams of top tier volunteers from the supplier, beverage production, PR, media and many who have worked as volunteers for disaster relief and charity fundraisers. We continue to add to the team. Today ,March 15th, we had a request from a nano-brewery to customize label artwork - and within 24 hrs, posters, stickers and labels were handed off with the help of Will Taylor, an art and design professional from Nelson BC. Being able respond nimbly so brewers can engage in their charitable projects is a gamechanger, and will ensure that the initial target of $4,000,000 is to be exceeded.

Since then, several volunteers - graphic designers (thank heavens it took me years to learn to cut and past), PR experts, home brewers and brewers, and influencers have shown there support.

Our homepage map includes all reported collaborations with Pravda, VarVar, PZDK, 2085 Brewery, etc. since March 1st.

To lighten the load, we suggest that regional brewers pool their resources to capitalize on the first brewery that has immediate available tanks space. This is what #alBEERta brewers did when Chris from Half Hitch offered up tank space. Yesterday, March 15th, Yuri as well as the rest of the world, saw brewers of alBEERta mash in at the same time as our friends in Lviv.

In London Ontario, Equals Brewery as well as other local London breweries combined resources and are selling all of the beer within their taprooms, off sales and online stores. By working together, 100% of the 1st batch was pre-sold so not to waste time going through the normal distribution channels. This strategy allows participating breweries to coordinate their brews under an umbrella of their sales liaisons.

Yesterday, Lior from Beer Bazaar, Chris and others joined many special craft brewing guests while the air raid sirens were sounded. Lior's discussion from Israel was very moving.

Here is the link to the YouTube broadcast - Chris was on at about the 1 hr mark. - Pravda. Victory Brew #2 - YouTube

The first few minutes of the broadcast can be forwarded, as the sound was being set up.

Today Lior will be interviewed by Israeli State Television

This morning I received an update from Moldova 's Labrewtory Brewing Company, which is donating proceeds to Friends of Moldova which is on the frontlines and helping refugees.

This weekend, Timothy Bulin, Charlie Scudder - reporter & home brewer from Dallas - and Jimmy Westholm in Sweden agreed to help coordinate the home brewers in the #alphaquadrant . The goal is for homebrewers to schedule future collabs with their guilds. This weekend - we uploaded many home brew adjusted Pravda recipes.

It is evident that the costs of war will continue - the project will need to carry on for some time.

I thank EVERYONE for helping this project get off the ground.

Check out the updated map of confirmed projects on our home page.

@brew4ukraine - twitter

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