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Russian River Brewing - Thanks so Much for your help

Many of us started in the craft brewing industry decades ago. One thing is for certain - nothing has changed.

We all go out of our way to help others.

Join the international brewing community Tuesday March 15 at 9 AM PT / 5 PM GMT to show our respect to the brewers in Ukraine and most importantly for Ukraine Refugee Relief Agencies.

Here is this week's announcement from Russian River:

" As you well know, our brewery is named after a beautiful redwood and vineyard-lined river which flows through Sonoma County, California, and is also home to some of the world’s best wines (and beer!)!

Vinnie and I spent some time discussing how we can help with the efforts in Ukraine. We are showing our support by joining Pravda Brewery’s collaborative Victory Beer Series and brewing “Putin Huylo” (in English- Putin is a D—-head!) on our Windsor pilot brewery.

Vinnie and I will brew the beer, can it for release in our pubs and online, and make a donation, per Pravda’s request.

But we already had something else in the works, too.

Since we can’t decide, we are doing both!

Stay tuned for another announcement SOON with our other plans to help Ukrainians!


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