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Shrewd Fox Call out to NY Brewers with Ukraine roots

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

Shrewd Fox Brewery is located in the New York State Catskill/Delaware River region, about 100 miles northwest of New York City.

We invite all brewers in New York to join us and Celeste Beatty of Harlem Brewing to collaborate and for Ukraine refugee relief.

Pure, clean, local beer – that's what you will find at Shrewd Fox Brewery. Shrewd Fox is a farm brewery that utilizes all-natural, locally-grown and non-GMO ingredients in all varieties. Even their barrel-aged recipes are brewed with New York State barley, hops and Catskills water. SFB's innovative natural brewing methods avoid using chemicals, additives and preservatives commonly found in industrially-produced beer.

SFB is owned by Ukrainian-Americans who proudly share their culture through craft beer and cider. Many varieties are made with Zalato Polissia or Klon 18 hops. The Ukrainian flagship of the Shrewd Classics - Kutya Buckwheat Farmhouse Ale - is made with both Ukrainian buckwheat and Ukrainian Promin hops. This brew pairs perfectly with roasted chicken or barbecued meats, nutty cheeses and dishes featuring potatoes/cheese.

For updates regarding our Pravda Beer Collaboration follow SFB on Facebook and Instagram @shrewdfoxbrewery and on Twitter @shrewdfoxbrew

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