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The history behind Ukrainian Resistance

By Yuri Zastavny

March 2, 2022

Lviv, Ukraine

If you are lucky, you get one chance in a lifetime when you put everything you learnt in life to use.

Your purpose is crystal clear. Your energy is endless. All your experience and education are deployed to the full. You are mobilized as if you life depends on it, because it does.

Your historic memory wakes up. Legacy of cossacks and Ukrainian Insurgency becomes your very personal legacy. The fight of your grandfathers becomes your very personal fight.

This is truly a nation creation time. Now or never. It’s tragic and will get worse. It’s our nation’s sacrifice to never get oppressed again.

No more Ukrainian language prohibitions, Holodomor or Gulag. No more generations without a future behind iron curtain.

Millions of Ukrainians feel the same. Everyone - literally everyone - is mobilized. No more Stockholm syndrome, no more illusions. Enemy is clear, evil and will be exterminated.

Dark times now but the future is bright.

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